Metsaküla Piim

Metsaküla Piim

Public limited company (PLC) Metsaküla Piim was established in 1996. Company’s main area of activity is the breeding of dairy cattle, at a moderate rate raising cereal grains and rape. In 2013 the PLC used 1650 hectares, of which 500 hectares were for cereal and rape, remaining soil was for either a short-term or a long-term grassland. This was produced into silage for dairy cattles’ animal feed. PLC Metsaküla Piim’s farms has 580 dairy cows and 500 young animals. PLC has 24 workers.

Up to 5-day-old calves are kept in the calving barns’ individual cubicles. From 6-day-old to 6-month-old calves are kept free ranged with deep littered chaffed straw.  6-month-old young animals are kept free ranged in a cold barn built in 2005. Dairy cows are kept in an insulated free range barn, which has eight DeLaval’s milking robots. In 2013 average milking production for a cow was approximately 9300 kg.


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