TÜ Jõgevamaa Põllumajandustootjate Liit

The commercial association Jõgevamaa Põllumajandustootjate Liit was established in 1992, and it members’ are 22 private and legal person, most of them are agricultural businesses.  The commercial association was founded to jointly sell agricultural produce and buy agricultural inputs.

By jointly buying it is possible to achieve a lower price, and by jointly selling a higher price. In the early days the members cooperation consisted mainly of buying fertilizers and pesticides, but now the main business is marketing milk produce. Not only members are selling through the commercial association,but also valued co-partners from Pärnu-, Viljandi-, Põlva-, Tartu- and Lääne-Virumaa.

Fertilizers, pesticides, but also high-energy food, like rape-seed cake and maize, are jointly bought. In addition the association arranges trainings, training trips, and consultations, and cooperates with other dairy associations to coordinate the sale of the produce.

Overall the association sells milk from 35 different manufacturers to Põltsamaa Meierei, Maag and Tere, which quantitatively makes 20% of all milk produced in Estonia.

The association’s further purpose would be to establish or purchase cooperative dairy industry.

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